I am grateful that I get to look for magic and make art daily. Inspired by visionary and surreal artists, I paint and sculpt images from nature using traditional art materials and found objects. My work tends to be light, whimsical, slightly realistic, and  figurative. Some of my favorite art making stuff includes guache, pencil, paper, seeds, laundry lint, thread, broken bits on mirror and glass, seeds, pods, colorful foil, cicada wings (after they are finished with them) and colored wire. The moon, women, hands, trees, flowers, and sacred spaces are among my favorite subjects.

all images ©1989-2009 Isabelle Scurry Chapman, all rights reserved

In September of 2009 Birds: A Collection of Verse and Vision by Jim Blackburn and Isabelle Scurry Chapman was published. The book includes portraits of some of my favorite birds painted on cigar boxes with poems by Jim. The book is available at Brazos and Menil bookstores in Houston, Women and Their Work in Austin, Art League Houston.